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If you’re searching for the best resources to help your elderly loved one throughout their final years, consider making Ensure Inheritance your primary long term care planning company. We make it our business to help families in their greatest time of need. We offer prepaid funeral services to any client who is preparing to or in the process of putting their loved one to rest. Our pre paid funeral plan is one of the most affordable in comparison to every other final expense provider. We also offer funeral pre planning services, funeral planning services and more.

For Those with Loved Ones Still Living

We are not only funeral expense assistants, but long term care insurance providers as well. Putting your loved one in a long term care facility can be a costly endeavor. We are able to point you in the right direction with regard to caring for your elderly relatives and making their golden years as comfortable as possible. This means helping ease the burden by helping you pay for these important expenses. If need be, we also provide help with long term care planning to ensure your loved one receives placement in the best possible facility for their needs.

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We strive to be the premier funeral pre planning company and long term care planning company in the United Kingdom. Contact us to learn more about our prepaid funeral insurance and our many other services.

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Long Term Care Planning

Protect your home and savings, ensure they pass to your children or other beneficiaries, through a Wealth Preservation Trust.

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Funeral Planning

Avoid rapidly rising funeral costs with a fixed price guarantee, allowing you to plan your own funeral at today’s prices.

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