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We have updated our Privacy Policy

Posted Saturday 28th April 2018

Your data privacy and security are important to us so we have updated our Privacy Policy to make it even more transparent and to ensure compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please click Privacy Policy for full details


Did you know that the cost of Dying is the fastest rising fixed cost in the UK?

Posted Monday 31st October 2016

A new study published last month has found that the cost of dying has risen at a far sharper rate than the general rate of inflation. According to the report, the overall cost of dying – which includes costs such as probate, headstones and flowers in addition to the basic cost of a funeral – […]


Discounted Legal Package to help people with Down’s Syndrome Manage Money

Posted Thursday 21st July 2016

Legal and financial planning specialist Ensure Inheritance has launched a specially discounted legal package to assist people with Down’s Syndrome and their families and carers deal with their finances and property. Andrew Simpson, Lead Panel Solicitor at Seaham-based Ensure Inheritance, has worked with Down’s Syndrome North East, which is affiliated to the Down’s Syndrome Association, […]


How Can a Pre Paid Funeral Plan Save You Money?

Posted Tuesday 28th June 2016

There is some misconception surrounding pre paid funeral plan policies and whether or not they are worth putting money into. However, when you start investing in a plan, you can breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that the send-off costs are covered. Of course it is important that the fine print is read […]


Protecting Your Children’s Inheritance from Step Parents and Step Children

Posted Tuesday 17th May 2016

The plight of Stuart Herd, who lost his family inheritance of £150,000 because his stepmother changed her Mirror Will and left everything to her own family, is a cautionary tale for anyone who has children outside their current relationship, according to Andrew Simpson, Lead Panel Solicitor with legal and financial planning specialist Ensure Inheritance. “The […]


Benefits Of Choosing A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Posted Thursday 28th April 2016

No one wants to think of death, but it is inevitable that you will pass away and potentially leave your loved ones with a lot of debt and problems. However, there is another way to reduce your debt, protect your loved ones and reduce the costs of funerals. A prepaid funeral plan offers you many […]


3.5 Million DIY Will makers risk Families’ Financial Futures

Posted Thursday 28th April 2016

As many as three and a half million adults are risking their family and loved one’s financial futures by using homemade or DIY Wills, according to a survey carried out by legal and financial planning specialist Ensure Inheritance. “We found that more than 15% of people who have a Will had no professional help in […]


Can I avoid selling the Family Home to pay for Long Term Care Fees?

Posted Friday 8th April 2016

With no prospect of a Government cap on long term care costs, and annual fees for care homes exceeding £30,000, having to sell the family home to pay for a place in a care home is a major worry for many older people. But is it possible to protect the family home and other assets […]


Saving for your Funeral – Comparing pre-paid Funeral Plans, ISA’s and Insurance Policies

Posted Tuesday 22nd March 2016

With the end of the tax year soon upon us, thoughts turn to investing cash into ISAs, but what about the alternative of investing in a pre-paid funeral plan, asks Andrew Simpson, Lead Panel Solicitor with legal and financial planning specialist Ensure Inheritance. Should you opt for an ISA or should you join the 27%* […]


Budget Disappointment on Care Fee Cap

Posted Wednesday 16th March 2016

Older people will let feel let down that there is little in the Budget for them, especially nothing to end the worry about the unlimited cost of old age care, says Andrew Simpson, Lead Panel Solicitor with legal and financial planning specialist Ensure Inheritance. “George Osborne missed the opportunity to introduce his long promised and […]


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