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Why buy a Prepaid Funeral Plan?

As part of their financial planning for the future, many people wish to provide in advance for their funeral expenses and a prepaid funeral plan is a caring, sensible and cost effective way to do so.

Planning and paying for your funeral now will remove any money worries when the time comes and bring you and your loved ones peace of mind, knowing all the arrangements are made and paid for.

Planning ahead also allows you to express your wishes about your ceremony and how your life will be celebrated.

Why is a Prepaid Funeral Plan the best choice?
•It avoids rising funeral costs with an inflation proof guarantee
•The national average cost of a basic funeral has increased by 65% in just 8 years*
•No awkward health questions and no age limit
•Financial Security – Your money is held in Trust or is Insurance backed depending on Plan
•Choose from a comprehensive range of options with fixed prices

Independent Advice

Ensure Inheritance is a truly independent funeral pre-planning company which works with many prepaid funeral services partners to ensure the best solution for you. All of our Funeral Planning Services Partners are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority and are bound by the Code of Practice for Funeral Plans.
This means they must have:-
•Fair Terms and Conditions for the Customer
•Security of Funds – with strict controls over custodianship and regular monitoring by independent experts
•A procedure for independent arbitration of complaints

Help With Long Term Care Planning

Having a pre-paid funeral plan can also help when it comes to planning for long term care fees and allow your family to retain more of your estate.

If you want to give you and your family peace of mind about all aspects of your funeral, contact us today.

*The SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2014

A Funeral Pre Planning Company

The idea of planning your own funeral can be intimidating and even a bit scary, but when you work with funeral pre planning services and get prepaid funeral insurance, you are giving your family peace of mind and making the process easier for them. Not only will they be able to grieve without the extra matter of planning a funeral, but they can rest easy you are getting the funeral you truly want. We are an independent company that helps people find prepaid funeral services, making our advice an excellent choice.

The Benefits of Funeral Pre Planning Services

Prepaid funeral insurance offers the opportunity to pay for your funeral now so your family doesn’t have to worry about it later. Not only does this eliminate their concern over how to pay for everything, but it can also lock in today’s rates, regardless of when your funeral is held. This can ensure you will get the type of funeral you want without risking your family will need to cut back because they can’t afford it.

Choose from a Variety of Plans

Prepaid funeral services give you the opportunity to choose from a variety of plans that will help you pay for your funeral now so your family will be able to focus on spending time together and grieving rather than trying to figure out how they will pay for the funeral costs. Our funeral pre planning company is ready to help you choose the best options for you.

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