Did you know that the cost of Dying is the fastest rising fixed cost in the UK?

Posted Monday 31st October 2016

A new study published last month has found that the cost of dying has risen at a far sharper rate than the general rate of inflation.

According to the report, the overall cost of dying – which includes costs such as probate, headstones and flowers in addition to the basic cost of a funeral – has risen by 8.3% in the past year to £8,802.

The average cost of a basic funeral has increased by 5.5% in a single year to £3,897 which is more than twice as much as funeral prices in 2004*. Given these rising costs, this is an ideal time to be thinking about pre-paid funeral plans.

Ensure Inheritance offer a range of Pre-Paid options by from different providers from as little as £20 a month – allowing you to take care of things now… at today’s prices.

You’re guaranteed to be accepted and there’s no age limit to apply.

A bereavement is a hard time, any time… Pre planning your funeral, ensures things are a little easier

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*SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2016

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